RSL BE Junior U19

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RSL Lithuanian Junior, 2022

November 4– 6, 2022

CBC CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT, will be organized in parallel to main tournament.
November 5, 2022

Venue: Delfi Sport Center, Ozo str. 14C, Vilnius, Lithuania
Organiser: Lithuanian Badminton Federation
President: Aurelija Paksyte (LTU)
Tournament director: Ramunas Kavaliauskas (LTU)
Cell: +370 698 34426 E-mail: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com
Referee: Darius Likas (LTU)
Cell: +370 687 76728 E-mail: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com
Deputy referee: Ramunas Kavaliauskas (LTU)
Cell: +370 698 34426
Official e-mail: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com
Website: https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/tournament/3543ADBD-15CC-40F4-930C-A716B568791F

Men’s Singles (64 in main draw)
Women’s Singles (64 in main draw)
Men’s Doubles (32 in main draw)
Women’s Doubles (32 in main draw)
Mixed Doubles (48 in main draw)
Entry fees:
Singles: 30€ per player
Doubles: 25€ per player
Payments: All payments (entry fee, transfer fee and etc.) must be paid at accreditation via wire transfer to:
IBAN account No: LT72 2140 0300 0264 9070
Key dates:
Entries Close: 4th October 2022
Draw*: 18th October 2022
Deadline for hotel bookings: 19th October, 2022
Deadline for booking transportation: 19h October, 2022
Team managers meeting: 10th November 2022,
19:00 – Hotel Art City Inn Vilnius
Umpires Briefing: 10th November 2022
20:00 – Delfi Sport Center
*The draw will be made by Badminton Europe.

Men´s (MS) and women´s (WS) single,
men´s (MD) and women´s (WD) double and mixed doubles (XD).
According to BWF rules, players born 2004 or later can be accepted. The maximum number of competitors accepted in the tournament are: 64 players in men´s and women´s singles / 32 pairs in men´s and women´s doubles / 48 pairs in mixed doubles. All events will be played in KO system.
No qualification will be played before the main draw. In accordance with regulation 2.3 it is required that every event in a particular BEC U17 Circuit tournament has at least 8 competitors (i.e. actual competitors, not merely entries). If the required number of competitors is not met, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking. In accordance with regulation 9.4 in BWF Statutes, Section World Junior Ranking System, an event must contain at least one entry from a Member other than the hosting Member. If an event does not contain at least one entry from a Member other than the hosting Member, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking.

BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any costs incurred by third persons (players, coaches, umpires, team managers etc.) because of an event not having enough competitors to count for the rankings.

Entries and entry fee All entries must be made by using the BWF Online Entry System Entries must be submitted no later than 4th October 2022 at 23.59 BWF HQ time (GMT +08.00) All participants need to have the BWF-ID.
No late entries will be accepted. Players cannot be entered unless they already have a BWF ID-number. In case you wish to enter players who do not have a BWF ID-number, please contact the BWF office well in advance of the tournament, so that the players concerned can get a BWF ID-number before the closing date of the tournament.

Courts: Games will be played on 6 courts (wooden floor), 2 courts will be reserved for players’ lounge zone and warm up.
Shuttles: RSL Classic Tourney
Prize money: There is no prize money for this tournament.
Entry fee in cash:
Entry fees can also be paid in cash at the tournament venue before the first scheduled match. The entry fees become due if a player is entered and has not been withdrawn when the entry deadline passes. The Member that enters a player into a circuit tournament is responsible for paying the entry fees for that player. For all the players withdrawing in the time between the closing date and the beginning of the tournament the organisers invoice the entry fee to the relevant Member.
Clothing and Advertising:
RSL Lithuanian Junior, 2022 will be conducted according to the BWF Statutes, Section 5.2.3: Junior Tournament Regulations § 12 to 16 and according to the Junior Circuit Regulation 13 on advertising and clothing.
Insurance: The Organisers decline responsibility and covering of costs for possible injuries or other damages. It is up to participants to insure themselves. Members and/or Organiser may be liable for claims originating from the damages incurred by the participants and/or any other persons, arising from or in connection to the particular BEC Junior Circuit tournament, according to local Law. BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any such claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to injury or loss to person or property, arising out of or in any way related, directly or indirectly, to the particular BEC Junior Circuit tournament. It is recommended that Members and/or Organisers purchase a proper Insurance Policy that would cover their potential legal liability.
Medical: A first aid nurse will be present in the Sports hall during the tournament and a medical doctor will be on call.
Drug testing: Drug Testing may be carried out on a random basis at any time.

Imaging permissions:
When a player is entered in a BWF-sanctioned event, television /broadcasting and still photography of that event is permitted at all associated venues (including training/practice) without further need to seek the consent of the player of the Member concerned.
Television signals can be shown in any and all territories on live or recorded television, Internet, web casting, audio, film and other media of similar nature.
Play schedule: All competitors must be prepared to play at the times determined for the events for which they have entered. The Order of Play is as follows:

Friday, 4th October: Preliminary rounds from 10:00 to 20:00
Saturday, 5th October: Preliminary rounds and Semi-finals from 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday, 6th October: All final matches from 9:00 to 15:00
The final frame schedule (with the exact planned conclusion of all matches) shall be made at least 20 days before the start of the tournament and shall be published on the organiser’s website. Tournament system will be K.O. system, according to the Laws of Badminton and Competition Regulations of the BWF.
The presentation to all winners and runners-up will take place at the prize giving ceremony following the conclusion of the relevant final. Only winner and runner-up must be present at the prize giving ceremony. Players are reminded when booking flights home on Sunday that the finals may not finish until 3:00 pm, depending on the start time and also that they may be selected for doping testing – they should therefore book their flights accordingly.
Stringing: Stringing service will be available during the tournament, the price for stringing will be 15 EUR with own strings and 18 EUR with bought strings.
Cancelation of the tournament:
The organising Member can cancel a tournament in case of force majeure. Such cancellation must be announced at least 15 days before the start of the tournament. If a cancellation is announced less than 15 days before the start of the tournament, then the Member organising the tournament is liable for any expenses incurred by third persons (players, coaches, umpires, team managers etc.). BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any costs incurred by third persons because of a cancellation of a tournament.
Visas: After entering player(s) in the tournament it is the Member’s responsibility to secure visas for their players – if this is needed. The Tournament Organisers will do everything possible to enable the entered players to get a visa.
For assistance to the organisers of the visa paperwork, no later than August 4th information should be sent by e-mail: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com
The following information on the foreigner being invited shall be given:
⦁ name (-s) and surname;
⦁ citizenship (nationality);
⦁ date and place of birth;
⦁ the address of the place of residence;
⦁ the location (office) where the visa application will likely be submitted

Arrival: Official point of arrival is VNO – Vilnius International Airport
Special price per person 10 EUR for transportation from airport on arrival (from airport to hotel) and for departure (from hotel to airport) for players using the official tournament hotel.
Other Airports:
Kaunas international airport, www.kaunas-airport.lt
Transfer from Kaunas to Vilnius, price 15 EUR per person one direction.
Transport from Venue to hotel:
Transport will be provided between Tournament official Hotel and competition venue only. Available for the duration of the event.
Official tournament hotel: Hotel Art City Inn Vilnius,
J.Jasinskio str. 14, Vilnius, Lithuania
4* hotel services for 3* hotel prices
10 min from venue.

  • 45 EUR for a single room.
  • 65 EUR for a double room, based on 2 sharing.
  • 90 EUR for a triple room, based on 3 sharing.
    *Price includes breakfast, free parking, WIFI, VAT.

For booking the hotel please use the accommodation reservation form.
Payment for hotel should be done after confirmation, by bank transfer. Invoice will be send by contact person.

Contact person: Ramunas Kavaliauskas, email: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com

All bookings must be made by 19th October, 2022 at the latest, or else reservations will be cancelled and players will be responsible for booking their own accommodation and arranging transport. Hotel cancellations after the draw date are non-refundable.

Meals: Restaurant ALOHA at venue hall, FOOD COURT with 12 restaurants 200 m from venue hall.
Doping Control: Doping control in badminton, in accordance with BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, is conducted out-of-competition and in-competition with the collection of urine and/or blood samples. Doping control in badminton, in accordance with BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, is conducted out-of-competition and in-competition with the collection of urine and/or blood samples.
Athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body. Before an athlete takes any medication, they should check with their doctor, and if necessary, get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).
For more information about anti-doping, please visit the BWF website: https://corporate.bwfbadminton.com/integrity/anti-doping-overview/
Badminton Integrity:
Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes (Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results) relates to anti-corruption and anti-match manipulation, and this code applies to all participants at this tournament. To protect the integrity of BWF sanctioned tournaments, participants are not allowed to bet in any way on badminton matches, respect the principle of fair play, and shall not attempt to influence the course or result of a game or match. Every person has an obligation to report to the BWF any approaches by anyone to gather inside information or to change the outcome of a matches.
For more information, please refer to BWF’s website:

Practice courts before the tournament:
There is a possibility to train before the tournaments. Court rent for training from 08:00 to 22:00 for 10 € per hour per court. There are available 8 courts. Reservation must be done in advance. All requests for reservations should be sent to official e-mail: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com

RSL Lithuanian Junior, 2022 PART OF THE BADMINTON EUROPE JUNIOR CIRCUIT tournament will be played in accordance with the Laws of Badminton, the BWF Competition Regulations and the BE Circuit Regulations. In case of a dispute the referee shall have a decisive word.
The Tournament committee reserves the right to add to or alter these conditions. Its decision in all matters will be final.

CBC CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT, will be organized in parallel to main tournament.
Participants: all players who lost on first and second day (only players who took part in RSL Lithuanian Junior, 2022
Date: November 5, 2022
Time: 12:00 – 21:00
Events: Men‘s Singles (N16) and Women‘s singles (N16)
Entry fee: 20 EUR per player
Shuttles: will be provided by organizers.
Prize: medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place / badminton racket for 1st place.
Courts: 2 courts (wooden)
Registration: on site till 11:00, November 5, 2022
Email: cbc.vilnius@gmail.com
Phone: +370 698 34426

Why to visit Vilnius:

VIDEO from Lithuanian U17 International 2018 Badminton Championship

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